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08 May 2017

Chapman spring session “sneak peaks”

I had such a nice time with this lovely family yesterday, at Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor. Just had to blog a few more previews, hope you enjoy!! Interested in update family photos or just a few pics of the kids? Email stephanie@reflectiveworks.com to discuss details.

05 May 2017

Brothers are the best…

On the blog this morning is a very sweet moment captured at last years spring mini’s, a brothers bond is unbreakable. Yes there may be times of frustration and angry, but they will always be there for each other. What I love the most about this photo is the colors and lighting, it had rain earlier that morning. Which made all the leaves and flowers just come alive with spring!! Yeah spring is here 🙂 Interested in getting updates photos […]

03 May 2017

Savannah’s sunrise spring session

I have been staring out my kitchen window for about a week, at the beautiful lilacs in our backyard. Thinking to myself I just have to get a few photos of Savannah with these gorgeous flowers. This morning me and Savannah venture outside for a just a few minutes, it was a bit chilly. But we both didn’t mind, she is my adventurous one!! I was delighted that she had as just much fun as I did, hope you enjoy […]

01 May 2017

To be a kid again…

I love when kids are able to run and play during the session, that is when the best photos are taken. The child like innocence is written all over there face, to capture these moments is what I live for. Life isn’t perfect, why do family photos have to be? 🙂 Interested in getting few update photos of your kids? Email me at stephanie@reflectiveworks.com to discuss details.

28 Apr 2017

Spring Blossoms

For those that don’t know I also enjoy taking nature photos! There is something so tranquil about being out in the nature, searching for just the perfect photo. Also I am currently working on adding a print store to my website, so keep look out for updates on when that will arrive. Hope you enjoy a few recent photos of spring here in Ann Arbor!

26 Apr 2017

Sullivan First Communion Session

On the blog today is a lovely first communion session from a few weeks ago, it was a perfect warm and sunny afternoon at Barton Pond in Ann Arbor. I had the opportunity to take photos of a very special young lady, it was wonderful to see her dedication to her faith. Such a pleasure to work with and chat with her sweet momma, hope you enjoy a few previews from this session.

24 Apr 2017

Peak a boo, I see you….

I had so much fun at this little cutie’s 3 year session, we played peak a boo. Threw sticks and rocks into the river, thats why I love this job!! I get to hang out with the best kids and remember just for a little while what is was like to be kid. Thats why I treasure photos of my own kids, they just grow up so fast. Is your little one in need of a few updated photos? Email stephanie@reflectiveworks.com to […]

21 Apr 2017

Kovarik 3 year/maternity session

I was delighted to have the opportunity, to photograph this little sweetie and her super sweet momma again. We couldn’t of picked a better day, it was sunny and 70 degrees! We met at Barton Pond in Ann Arbor, a great location right next to the Huron River. Little Sabrina was a joy to work with and her mom was just glowing with the upcoming arrival of her sweet baby boy. So looking forward to his newborn session! Hope you […]

19 Apr 2017

Mama and her boys…

I think it is wonderful when a mom decides to join her in the fun, with her kids during a session. I understand how awkward it can be, after having two kids. You wonder if you look good enough. Can everyone see the the lack of sleep? Maybe it was a frustrating morning getting the kids out the door in time. I want to tell every mom, it doesn’t matter. The kids don’t care about that. You are creating memories […]

17 Apr 2017

Those baby blues….

What I like the most about this photo is her baby blue eyes, this little sweetie was about six months old when her family schedule a session. This precious little girl was so incredibly sweet and so easy to work with. This moment was also captured during the perfect weather, it was not too long after it rained. So all the leaves and flowers colors were just so vibrant and it was mostly cloud as well. Which is ideal for […]