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Why buy hand painted furniture?

It’s turning an ordinary dresser, table, end table, or other piece of furniture into something new! Here are a few reasons why this trend has become so popular. Quality – they just don’t make furniture like they used too. It seems the furniture makers of the past took pride in the quality of their workmanship and the materials that were used. Unique – Having something different and unique that reflects personal style is important. Adding that pop of color can change the whole look of a room without breaking the budget. Preserving an heirloom – So many have treasured pieces that needs to be updated and enjoyed by generations to come. Cost – who doesn’t want to save money, especially when you get quality and something unique? Believe it to not, typically a piece of hand painted furniture is great way to go for a budget shopper. It this just a fad or a lasting tradition? Who knows? But, we do know when you purchase a hand painted piece you have something special!


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