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Winter Photos

If you enjoy taking photos as much as I do, these cold winter months can be difficult. The solution is your kids (or your nieces and nephews, friends kids, etc… with permission of course).

Dust off your camera and snap a few photos of your kids during their daily routine. You never know what you might capture. They could be acting silly during breakfast, playing with their favorite toy or running around the house with their brother or sister.

Here are a couple of tips while photographing your kids inside:

  • Look for available light such as windows or lamps.
  • Remove toys, clothes and other things that clutter your background.
  • Use a high ISO such as 1600 or 6400
  • Finally use high shutter such as 1/250 of a second.

Remember to have fun while taking their photo. Be silly! Join in the fun to capture your kids at their happiest times. They grow up so fast!!

Also don’t be afraid to go outside to¬†get a few quick shots. Snow can make a great subject, but that’s a topic for another day!!

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