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A few cost savings tips for your big day.

The average cost for a 150-person wedding is about $25,000 according to knot.com. Now before you get the discouraged, be encouraged! Every area of the big day-from the venue to the flowers can be saved with a little bit of creativity. One idea was a couple had there ceremony at there favorite movie theater, an old deco style and lots of antique film equipment. Only cost them $100 to rent plus concessions. The food can be very expensive having your reception mid afternoon around 2:30 and just have appetizers and finger foods. The flowers expense be cut by going to your local farmers market to get fresh local flowers, plus you are supporting the local farmers. The cake doesn’t have be a such a expense think about placing cupcakes on antique cake plates from thrift stores instead of pricey floral centerpieces. Last but not least by far the most important detail in planning your wedding is the photography, I may be one sided on the importance of good pictures. Just make sure you go with a experience photographer like myself and feel comfortable in fact that they will provide memories that wont fade. Be smart about the decision shop around check pricing, portfolio’s, ect. Of coarse there’s no substitute for the wedding budget. So go ahead and do that first. Just remember to sit back and enjoy your special day even just for a few minutes.

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