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Networking with Ali….

Yesterday afternoon I met with fellow Ann Arbor area photographer Ali Mcwhinney. It was very refreshing to just talk about what what we love and our passion for photography. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be able to pick her brain about how she got started, her experiences and what marketing tips worked for her. I realized halfway through the conversation that we have very similar styles when it came to photography, editing styles and interests. I now strongly believe that any photographer that is just starting out to meet with one or two photographers from there area in a mentor style format. To just talkĀ  and hope that he or she is willing to offer advice and marketing tips would be highly valuable. I think in this very competitive environment fellow photographers to build a core based of people that we can trust and go to for advice. Very much looking forward to implementing all the new marketing strategies i acquired as well as future meetings and projects with Ali.

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