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About me….

With all the competition out there, how I do I stand out from the crowd?  It might be by forming a personnel relationship with clients and providing a unique product that the client will enjoy and come back again and again. But, let me start at the beginning which might give you better perspective of me.

I grew up in a small town north of Flint, MI.  I have been obsessed with photography since high school.  It all started when my parents thought it was really important for me to find a “career”.  I laugh because I have never been that type of person.  The idea of a nine to five job working in some office was not me.  So, my mom gave me her Canon AE-1 film camera and that’s when it began.  I went, during my last two years of high school, to a skill center for few hours everyday to begin to learn the craft.  Let’s just say I was smitten. I then moved on from high school and then to college on a scholarship to get my degree in photography.  Along the way I did random weddings, seniors, etc.  I loved college.  I thoroughly enjoyed all my photography classes.  We learned how to process film and printing in the darkroom. I am old school that’s for sure.  It shows now in my editing style, simple, clean and traditional.

I got married and moved to Ann Arbor hoping to start my big business.  The economy got bad and in addition to doing photo gigs, I jumped through various day jobs for a few years, some photography related and some not.  I got burned out on photography and I honestly didn’t even want to pick up a camera for a few years.  Then, we had a family trip to Hawaii and I feel in love with the scenery.  Who wouldn’t right?  When we got home, I was just obsessed with nature, wildlife and landscapes.  You can see the results of that in my gallery. I realized, I was blessed with this gift from God and I had been using it for all the wrong reasons. I then got my first digital camera, a Canon 7D.   Up until this time I was all about film.  Now I was hooked on digital photography.  During that time I found out I was pregnant with our daughter Savannah.  What an amazing experience it was.  Feeling a child growing inside of you is unimaginable.  My husband and I were able to cut some expenses and with God’s help, in March of 2012 I quit my day job to stay at home with our daughter.

Then, I decided to actively work on starting my business back up and it has been wonderful.  I have had amazing clients so far and feel so blessed to be able to provide them with images they will enjoy for years to come.  I have discovered that I again enjoy shooting all types of portraits, newborn babies, kids, families, seniors, and weddings.  I have a small studio in my home and my equipment travels easily to various locations.  I believe I work best as an on location, natural light photographer either in my clients home or outdoors.

Now that I have given you a little about me, maybe you will decide that there is something different and unique about me.  Or at least you now know me a little better.  Take a chance and hire me the next you need photos. I promise you wont regret it.

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